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MollFam, a well known Italian company leader of its area, designes and produces compression springs as well as tension and torsion ones, small metal sheared and bent for any industrial application, wire hose clamps useful in many and different applications.

Recently, MollFam S.r.l. has specialised in the construction of the hose clamps (wire and belt) divided into 5 different lines in order to satisfy wide range of applications.

About us

Our products

Wire Springs
  • Torsion and double torsion springs
  • Traction springs
  • Compression springs


Hose clamp
  • Self tightening clamp double wire without screw mod. FSV
  • Self tightening clmap double wire mod. FCV
  • Self tightening belt clamp mod. TB
  • One wire clamp with screw mod. FM
  • Self tightening belt clamp mod. FG


Shaped parts

Shaped parts made with shaping machines.


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