We’re currently operating 30 folding machines (wire and steel band) Bihler, 8 winding machines Simplex Rapid and Hack for the production of the compression springs, 10 machines Hack and Wafios for the production of the suspension springs, 4 robotised work centres for the production of wire clamps and 4 shearing machines with different load capacity.

A specialised samples and prototype department where we’re studying the production of new kind of springs together with our technical department and with cooperation with our customers. We also have a tooling department where we realize the major part of our tools.

To be able to guarantee the high quality of our products, we’ve also set up the Quality Control department, where we have testing loads, profile projectors, press out force test machines and for every article control calibration for specific measures. For more complicated products, we’ve introduced the video camera system of selection to be able to guarantee 100% production control.

Regarding the springs, we’re testing the resistance force where necessary and the life test where we’re using test machines of our production, realized based on our experience in this sector, experience that we always use to satisfy our customers, together with our technology to get the best results, implementing the product research in cooperation with the technical department with the objective to obtain a quality product with lowest possible costs.